"The Kite Flyers" ©2006 by Swilli

Using a combination of imagination and reference material gathered from the California Pacific Shores, The Kite Flyers is a special piece created by Swilli for the Watercolor Society of Houston (Wash) fundraiser.  The 12"x12" watercolor on clayboard is surrounded by a 2" birch plywood cradle. 

"The Kite Flyers"
Sausalito, CA, watercolor, window scene
"Country Window"

"Country Window" ©2006 by Swilli

This painting is watercolor on Clayboard 12"x12" and is a result of visiting Sausalito California.  The size of the canvas encouraged Swilli to think about an appropriate subject matter.  The square canvas echoes the square window.  "Country Window" is the result of that inspiration. 

This painting has been sold.